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Intel Visual Technology

Built-in visuals1 deliver seamless visual experiences

2nd generation Intel® CoreTM processors integrate a suite of technologies built right into the processor that deliver stunning visual experiences.

Intel Visual Technology

Intel® Quick Sync Video

Intel® Quick Sync Video saves your customers valuable time when they want to create and edit video, synchronize it with other devices, and share it–at home and on the internet. Intel Quick Sync Video uses hardware on the processor, instead of software, to accelerate video encoding.

Intel® HD Graphics

Intel® HD Graphics2 is now built right into the processor! This integration means lower latencies and leads to superior mainstream gaming and enhanced 3D experiences for users.

Intel Visual Technology

Intel® Wireless Display

Intel® Wireless Display makes it easy for your customers to enjoy all their personal and online content on a big screen with a simple wireless connection.

Intel Visual Technology

InTruTM 3D Technology

Now your customers can enjoy the ultimate 3D visual experiences–seamlessly–from their PC. They can watch their favorite 3D movies with Blu-ray* Stereo 3D* playback using active shutter 3D glasses. It delivers it all in 1080p full, high-definition resolution on the TV over HDMI* 1.4.

Intel Visual Technology

Intel® Clear Video HD Technology

Intel® Clear Video HD Technology (Intel® CVT HD) enables rich media experiences with picture perfect images by using a host of advanced graphics technologies that support optimized, high-definition video playback and sharp image quality.

Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions

Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX) gives more computing power to application developers with a new, 256 bit instruction set extension to Intel® SSE.

Intel Visual Technology

Intel Visual Technology Demo

See what makes video processing so fast on 2nd generation Intel® CoreTM processors.

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1. Available on the 2nd gen Intel® Core™ processor family. Includes Intel® HD Graphics, Intel® Quick Sync Video, Intel® Clear Video HD Technology  (Intel® CVT HD), Intel® InTru™ 3D Technology, and Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel® AVX). Also optionally includes Intel® Wireless Display depending on whether enabled on a given system or not. Whether you will receive the benefits of built-in visuals depends upon the particular design of the PC you choose. Consult your PC manufacturer whether built-in visuals are enabled on your system. Learn more about built-in visuals at www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/visual-technology/intel-visual-technology-consumer.html.

2. Intel® HD Graphics is available on select models of the 2010 Intel® Core™ processor and 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processor families.