Intel® Cloud Builders Guide Intel® Xeon® Processor-based Servers Manage Data Center Carbon Footprint with Dell, Intel, and JouleX

Audience and Purpose
This reference architecture outlines the usage of data center energy management technologies to monitor, report, and manage carbon footprint in cloud data centers. This document addresses the key aspects of the usage model Carbon Footprint Values as defined by Open Data Center Alliance1 and illustrates the accurate reporting of carbon footprint with real time instrumentat...ion of power consumption data from the server platforms enabled by technologies and solutions from Dell, Intel, and JouleX. The technologies and solutions used in the guide are the same as that in “Data Center Energy Management with Dell and JouleX” published by Intel® Cloud Builders Program2. This paper should be used along with the above mentioned documents. The techniques and results described can be used as a reference to understand Carbon Footprint management in data centers with the use of hardware and software components presented using JouleX* Energy Management Solution and Dell PowerEdge* C-Series Servers implementing Intel® Power Management technologies.

Executive Summary
The evolution of cloud computing has resulted in highly efficient and carefully optimized data centers with increased server density and capacity that makes considerations on carbon footprint and energy consumption extremely critical along with several other factors that were not as significant in smaller data centers of the past. Increasing government regulations and guidelines on carbon footprint along with social responsibility awareness by companies are driving data center operators to monitor, report, and control the carbon footprint of their data centers. To support this evolution, Intel works with end users to create an open data center roadmap of usage models that address requirements like this and other key IT pain points for more secure, efficient, simple and greener cloud architectures built on a foundation of transparency.

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