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Intel and the Environment: Energy-Efficient Products

Energy-Efficient Computing

Innovations for a more
sustainable future

Fulfilling the vision and environmental ethos of our co-founder, Gordon Moore, we engineer each generation of our products to be more powerful and consume less energy than the last.

Given the growing demand for ever-more powerful electronics, the increasing cost of energy, and the corresponding impact on the planet, each new generation of processors offers greater benefits to the consumer and the environment. That’s why our approach to environmental responsibility starts at product design, long before manufacturing begins.

We make energy efficiency a key element of our design and
overall environmental footprint reduction efforts.

Making regular progress

Making regular progress

Our goal is to drive continued advances in energy-efficient performance across all of our major product lines—from laptop, desktop, and server processors to those used in a range of intelligent new devices.

In 2011, we made great strides when we introduced the first 3-D Tri-Gate transistor, which is based on our 22-nanometer (nm) process technology. This new microarchitecture increases performance by 37% and reduces power consumption by half compared to the previous generation of 32nm planar transistors.

Improving data center efficiency

Improving data center efficiency

We look at energy-saving operations at all levels of the data center, and share our innovations with business and industries. From processor-level innovations to convert power more efficiently to innovations in cooling and airflow management, we help companies design the most efficient, energy-saving data centers possible.

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Enhancing product ecology

We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our products at all phases in their product lifecycle: development, production, use, and ultimate disposal. To do so, we often develop solutions in collaboration with others. For example, over the last decade, we’ve worked with suppliers and customers, and participated in several industry consortia, in efforts to eliminate lead and halogenated flame-retardants from our products.

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Intel and the Environment

Operating Responsibly

Operating responsibly

See Intel policies and practices to reduce CO2 emissions, manage water use, minimize waste, and more.

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Applying Technology

Applying technology

See how we collaborate with partners to apply our technology and initiatives to solve key environmental challenges.

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