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Intel in Israel

About Intel Israel - 40 Years of Achievements

Intel Israel is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2014. It all began in 1974 when Intel opened a development center in Haifa with five employees, and today, Intel is the largest privately owned company in Israel with a payroll of 9,855 people. In line with Intel’s strong commitment to a diverse workplace, Intel Israel proudly employs people from all walks of society and all parts of the country. Viewing employee as an individual, Intel is committed to providing them with an empowering work environment.

As the “smart chip” of Israel, Intel leads the local high tech industry by developing and manufacturing innovative technologies that place Israel on the global high-tech map. Intel’s contribution to the Israeli economy and innovation, together with its ongoing investment in human capital, has resulted in an unprecedented 40-year success story.

40 Years of Technological Innovation

For 40 years, Intel Israel has been synonymous with innovation,  having created products that transformed technology and received major recognition in the global computing industry. In 2013, Intel Israel development centers concentrated on innovative technologies for the thriving Ultrabook, tablet and smartphone markets, and collaborated in developing the Intel CoreTM 4th generation processor (Haswell), which significantly improves battery life and graphics performance. The development center in Jerusalem participated in developing the Bay Trail processor family for mobile devices, which is based on Intel’s most advanced, 22-nanometer manufacturing technology. As part of the Intel vision to transform the way we interact with computers, Intel Israel focused on perceptual computing, which is based on tridimensional imaging and controlling computers with gestures.

Yet another huge achievement was reaching the milestone  of one billion chips manufactured since 1999. In 2013, the Intel facility in Kiryat Gat, which greatly contributes to the Israeli economy by providing employment opportunities in southern Israel, received the Intel Quality Award for its extraordinary performance compared with other Intel facilities around the world.

40 Years of Contribution to Israel’s Economy and Growth

As a leading Israeli exporter over the last 40 years, Intel Israel has exported products valued at $35 billion. During this time, the company invested $10.8 billion in its manufacturing, research and development centers, representing a NIS 40 billion investment in Israel over the course of 40 years. Average annual expenditure on purchases from local suppliers over the last ten years is $1 billion. Currently, Intel Israel is collaborating with approximately one thousand small-to-medium local businesses, and the Kiryat Gat facility works with as many suppliers from southern Israel as possible.

From an employment aspect, as of the end of 2013, Intel Israel employed 9,855 people directly and 30,000 indirectly, up 15% from previous years. Of the Kiryat Gat employees, 60% live in southern Israel. The company’s impact on Israeli employment is also reflected in the numerous companies that have sprouted from Intel. Since 2006, former Intel employees have established an average of 30 companies every year, which annually generate 250 new jobs

40 Years of Investing in Human Capital and the Next Generation

Since its establishment, Intel Israel has been investing in human capital and education. Over the past 40 years, approximately half a million Israeli teachers and students have participated in a range of educational programs promoted by Intel.

In 2013, Intel Israel joined the Ministry of Education’s national goal and launched “We are the Future”, an umbrella educational program aimed at promoting excellence in scientific-technological education in Israel. Since the future of the high-tech industry is at stake, Intel decided to mobilize additional organizations and co-lead a national initiative promoting excellence in STEM education with the Trump Foundation, RASHI Foundation and SanDisk. The national initiative, which encompasses a network of approximately 100 public, business and third sector organizations, seeks to double the number of students who graduate from high school with a five-point STEM matriculation diploma. The organizations behind the initiative strive to make Israel a leader in developing and assimilating a culture of STEM excellence to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Intel facilitates an ongoing dialogue with the communities where it does business. In 2013, 46% of Intel employees invested over 37,000 hours in community work, and Intel donated NIS 12 million to NGOs, schools and academic institutes.