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Healthcare Information Privacy and Security

Protection of personal health information is a critical priority, requiring policy, risk assessments, procedures, training, and technology. Intel®-based technologies can support the need for compliance with local regulation of healthcare information such as the HIPAA privacy and security rule.

Intel offers a range of hardware-assisted security technologies, including accelerated encryption, anti-theft, identity protection, malware detection, and remote management of PCs, laptops, and devices.


Use Intel® hardware-assisted technology to strengthen your security and enable a great user experience for healthcare workers.

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Safeguard Protected Health Information

Intel explores a premises-aware security capability with Wireless Credential Exchange-embedded RFID tags.

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Encrypt Healthcare Data Using Intel® Xeon® Processors

Epic Systems Corporation's EHR reporting solution reduces CPU encryption overhead.

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Healthcare Security: User Experience, Compliance, and Risk

Safely embrace and benefit from medical, consumer, and IT trends, while minimizing risk of security incidents such as breaches.

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