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Bridging End-to-End Solutions for IoT

About the Embedded Innovator Magazine

With the rise of high-performance, networked systems, the embedded industry is being transformed like never before. To help you stay ahead of the competition, Embedded Innovator magazine keeps you abreast of the latest trends with fresh design ideas and solutions. It's full of insights to help you build the Internet of Things solutions rapidly reshaping the world.

Published twice yearly, Embedded Innovator magazine is joined by a newsletter published three times a year. The newsletter features the same in-depth expertise as Embedded Innovator magazine, but in a more frequent format. Now you can keep connected with great ideas throughout the year.

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2015 Embedded Innovator Magazine—12th Edition

12th Edition Magazine

  • Accelerating the Internet of Things
  • Real-Time IoT Environmental Monitoring
  • Increase Smart Factory IQ with M2M to Cloud
  • Wireless Multi-Service Controllers Secure Hospital Wards
  • IoT Makes Smart Foundation for Vacation Resort
  • Ensuring Coexistence of IoT Wireless Protocols
  • Increase Uptime Through IoT Fleet Management
  • Turn Surveillance Video into Actionable Intelligence
  • Multi-core Processing Shortens Test Time
  • Highly Parallel HPEC Platforms

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2015 Embedded Innovator Magazine—11th Edition

11th Edition Magazine

  • Maximize Value from IoT Data
  • Simplify IoT Integration with Edge Management Middleware
  • Bring Factories Online with IoT Controllers
  • Connect Building Systems to the IoT
  • IoT Takes Mass Transit to a New Level
  • Faster Flows for Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • Cloud Computing in the Network Data Center
  • Blueprints for Success in the IoT
  • Personalize Retail with Secure Interactivity

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Embedded Innovator Newsletters

Embedded Innovator Newsletters

22nd Edition: Ready-to-Deploy Advancements in Mil/Aero and Surveillance
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

21st Edition: Retail and Health Tech Goes to the Next Level
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

20th Edition: Networking Equipment Sets Record Performance
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

19th Edition: Simplify the Internet of Things with End-to-End Solutions
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

Previous Magazine Issues

10th Edition Magazine

  • Intel’s Smallest Core Brings Intelligence to the Edge
  • Connect Legacy Devices to the Internet of Things
  • Cut Automation Cost and Complexity with Virtualization
  • Accelerate SDN and NFV with Off-the-Shelf Software
  • Simplify WAN Optimization with Standard Servers
  • A Turnkey Solution for Smart Signage
  • Smart Vending Machines Deliver the Goods
  • End-to-End Solutions for the Internet of Things
  • Enhance Surgeon Precision with 4K Ultra-HD 

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9th Edition Magazine

  • Building blocks for the Internet of Things
  • Big analog data: The big data for engineers and scientists 
  • High-performance infotainment: The next generation IVI
  • A smart processor for the smart grid
  • New intelligence for entry-level retail
  • Intelligent PLCs expand the Internet of Things
  • Real-time content management for retail displays
  • Flexible performance for network security appliances
  • Optimizing unmanned vehicle thermal performance

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8th Edition Magazine

  • Capturing the big data explosion
  • Supercomputer technology reports for duty
  • Breakthrough performance for medical imaging
  • Optimize video traffic with deep packet inspection
  • Software defined networking and the telecom cloud
  • Faster signal processing with Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0 (Intel® AVX2)
  • Power up security for the smart grid
  • Transform the factory with the Internet of Things
  • Upgrade point of sale for the online age
  • Smart digital signage for small businesses

English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

7th Edition Magazine

  • A framework for the Internet of Things
  • Integrating surveillance into IT infrastructure
  • A multi-layered approach to medical security
  • Specifications for a new world of digital signage
  • Debugging intelligent systems with Intel® System Studio
  • A software strategy for the Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • Maximize uptime in the connected factory

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6th Edition Magazine

  • Building the new world of intelligent systems
  • Intelligent hardware
  • Intelligent software
  • Data at rest encryption
  • Communications
  • Digital security and surveillance

English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

5th Edition Magazine

  • Smart, cloud-connected devices
  • Responsive displays
  • Industrial automation
  • Advanced graphics and connectivity
  • Wind River VxWorks* and Intel® vPro™ technology
  • Cut power with 32nm Intel® Atom™ processors

English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

4th Edition Magazine

  • A single-chip solution for specialized I/O
  • A prescription for a secure hospital
  • Scalable performance for unified threat management
  • Minimizing downtime in high-reliability systems
  • SWaP-able solutions take off in mil/aero
  • Rapid testing for open source

English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

3rd Edition Magazine

  • New Intel® Atom™ processor: big integration, tiny chip
  • Digital signage gets smart
  • Tackling the debugging challenge
  • Riding the rail boom with CompactPCI*
  • Open, secure platforms for health information
  • Bringing interactive displays to life

English | Simplified Chinese

2nd Edition Magazine

  • Making software simpler
  • Building next-generation point-of-sale terminals and kiosks
  • Consolidating hardware with virtualization
  • Stimulus spending brings medical applications to life
  • Cutting rackmount systems down to size
  • A smooth path to rugged technology

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Previous Newsletter Issues

18th Edition: Retail and Health care Design in a Connected World
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

17th Edition: Smarter Factories with the Internet of Things
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

16th Edition: Special Edition:
Design ideas for emerging applications
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

15th Edition: Flexible networks, from 5 to 200+ Gbps
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

14th Edition: Secure performance for rugged applications
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

13th Edition: Haswell microarchitecture upgrades retail and healthcare
English | Simplified ChineseTraditional Chinese

12th Edition: A framework of the Internet of Things
English | Simplified ChineseTraditional Chinese

11th Edition: Special edition - Bringing intelligence to embedded systems
English | Simplified ChineseTraditional Chinese

10th Edition: Intel’s new communications platform
English | Simplified ChineseTraditional Chinese

9th Edition: Rugged, secure performance with 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

8th Edition: Eight tools for embedded success
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

7th Edition: Machine-to-machine (M2M simplified)
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

6th Edition: DPI for LTE; Virtualized performance; Flexible security
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

5th Edition: Next-gen digital signal processing (DSP)
English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese

4th Edition: Flexible I/O, scalable performance, and lower cost
| Simplified Chinese

3rd Edition: Advanced telecommunication computing architecture (ATCA) for LTE
English | Simplified Chinese

2nd Edition: Security, reliability, and manageability
English | Simplified Chinese

1st Edition: Smaller, smarter embedded systems
English | Simplified Chinese


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