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Intel® Education

Explore Intel educational programs, technologies, and partnerships spanning products, software, professional development, and curricula.

Case Study: Education Transformation in Russia

Intel® Teach program in Russia shows teachers how to use technology to improve classroom teaching and learning methods.

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Mexico: Using Innovative Technologies to Improve Rural Learning

White Paper: Intel-powered PCs, high-speed WiMAX, and teacher training are parts of the Intel World Ahead program improving education in Mexico.

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Education Program in Malaysia Boosts Economy

Malaysia is providing classmate PCs through a free education program, as well as opening trade opportunities to boost the local economy.

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Transforming Education with 1:1 eLearning in Turkey

1:1 eLearning education is improving learning for school children in Turkey with donated Intel-powered classmate PCs and technology trained teachers.

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Intel® Education Tools Help Students Succeed

Intel® architecture gives educators a platform for innovation and the flexibility to choose the peripherals, software, and infrastructure they need.

ArtRage* Part of Intel® Education: Application Note

App Note: Discusses ArtRage* features and benefits, a painting and drawing application that simulates real-world materials to create digital artwork.

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Classroom Management Part of Intel® Education: Application Note

App Note: Discusses Classroom Management features and benefits, helping to organize lessons, administer assessments, and control student activity.

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Intel® Education Resources: Application Note

App Note: Describes the Intel® Education Resources content application, combining education content from Intel and other education companies.

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Kno Textbooks*: Application Note

App Note: Discusses Kno Textbook* features and benefits, with navigation, search, and annotation tools, course management, and reference capabilities.

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