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Quanta and Intel®-based Rack Scale Architecture

Quanta Computer Vice President James Jau explains the power of cloud-based data centers at the 2015 Intel® Rack Scale Architecture Developer Summit.

RSA Innovation: Quanta Computer, Inc.

Quanta Vice President James Jau shows how RSA innovation has improved data storage during the Intel® Rack Scale Architecture Developer Summit.

eHarmony: Matches Made in the Cloud

Infographic: eHarmony builds a robust cloud environment with Cloudera* software and Intel® Xeon® processors to make more, happier matches.

Intel® Rack Scale Architecture: Microsoft Cloud Platform System*

Presentation: Discusses how the Microsoft Cloud Platform System* helps manage computing, storage, and networks for Intel® Rack Scale Architecture.

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Intel® Rack Scale Architecture: VMware EVO SDDC*

Presentation: Explains how Intel® Rack Scale Architecture and VMware EVO SDDC* can realize a hyper-converged infrastructure optimized solution.

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Orchestration Solutions for Intel® Rack Scale Architecture

Presentation: Discusses orchestration solutions for integrating Intel® Rack Scale Architecture to help address data center challenges.

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Dell DCS ‘G5’* Software-Defined Data Center Solution Presentation

Presentation: The Dell DCS ‘G5’* solution provides rack-level management and maximum IT-level flexibility for software-defined data centers.

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Ericsson’s Unified Data Center Architecture for Service Providers

Presentation: The Ericsson HDS 8000*, a unified data center architecture, supports a multi-application platform, optical interfaces, and more.

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Creating a Software-Defined Infrastructure with Compass*

Presentation: Shows how to create software defined infrastructure by automating building processes using Compass* and Intel® Rack Scale Architecture.

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Mirantis Unlocks the Evolution of the OpenStack

Presentation: Mirantis shares some insight into the evolution of OpenStack solutions, analyzing compute, network, and storage trends.

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