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Enabling a Digital Europe

From sands to circuits to society

Intel R&D / Innovation in Europe is driven by a network of research labs, product development labs and innovation labs spanning the region as well as a variety of Intel business units. Intel Labs Europe (ILE) was formally established in early 2009 as the central means of coordinating activities across this diverse and extensive network, and to strengthen and improve Intel’s alignment with European R&D. Today ILE consists of more than 50 locations employing more than 4500 R&D professionals.

The mission of ILE is to advance Intel research, development and innovation and to partner with European stakeholders to help improve European competitiveness. To achieve this ILE aims to strengthen Intel’s relationships and collaborations with European researchers and to align the company’s technology vision with European policy makers across a broad technology agenda. ILE has grown existing initiatives and continually seeks new opportunities to advance the value of ICT solutions for society and business. Recent exciting areas of focus include next-generation Intel Architecture, visual computing, software service development, enterprise solutions, sustainability, embedded computing and high performance computing.

ILE will integrate and align Intel’s research, development and innovation activity and future investments to an innovation agenda called "Digital Europe" which in turn aligns with the EU’s 2020 Strategy. ILE has also facilitated a significant increase in Intel’s FP7 engagement including Joint Technology Initiatives, co-ordinated Intel’s broad consultation on the new Horizon 2020 agenda and actively aligned Intel with the European Institute of Technology.

Prof. Martin Curley

Vice President, Director Intel Labs Europe, Senior Principal Engineer Intel Labs

"At Intel Labs Europe we want to be a positive force multiplier for both Intel and Europe, acting as a catalyst to use technology to help create and accelerate a Digital Europe, enabling a European innovation economy and providing significant societal benefits. Our mantra is Dream, Dare, Do! We look forward to collaborating with you as we continue to partner with the European research ecosystem to tackle key research questions and societal challenges."

ILE Intel Sponsors

Wen-Hann Wang

Wen-Hann Wang

Intel Labs Managing Director

Christian Morales

Vice President and
General Manager,
Europe, Middle East, Africa

Diane M. Bryant

Vice President and
General Manager,
Datacenter and
Connected Systems Group

Sponsors Quote

“We are delighted to partner on sponsoring this critical new organization and expect Intel Labs Europe can richly contribute to the advancement of both Intel and Europe. We look forward to strengthening our relationships with our research and open innovation partners in Europe. ICT is a transformative force which can help shape the future of Europe. We believe that through our combined efforts we can advance the European Innovation economy and information society.”