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Discover, Configure, and Manage

With Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS)

Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) is a modular cross-platform experience for securely discovering, enabling, and managing Intel features in business. It brings the value of core capabilities on business client platforms to IT.

Intel® Active Management Technology

Unlock Intel® Active Management Technology

With Intel SCS, IT can unlock and take advante of Intel® AMT features such as KVM Remote Control, Fast Call for Help, graceful OS shutdown, Agent Presence, and many more.

Intel® Solid-State Drive Pro 1500 Series

Discover Intel® Solid-State Drive Pro 1500 Series

With Intel SCS, IT can remotely monitor user systems to quickly and easily diagnose problems with the Intel® SSD Pro 1500 Series module. You can even obtain drive health statistics for proactive health management and monitoring.

Easy-to-use flexible and modular framework

Easy-to-Use Modular Framework

With Intel SCS new modular framework, IT now has the ability to add features to their infrastructure to ease business process integration.

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Intel SCS capabilities

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Intel and CompuCom case study

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Intel® Business Support overview

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Shows how to enroll and explores some of the important resources that can answer your questions.

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