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Editor’s Pick: Three Takes on Desktop Virtualization

A look at Intelligent Desktop Virtualization and VDI

Editor’s Pick: Three Takes on Desktop Virtualization

Three Different Takes on Desktop Virtualization

Ask three people, get three different opinions. This article from IT Knowledge Exchange captures three perspectives on desktop virtualization, including one on Intelligent Desktop Virtualization (IDV) and two on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Dan Kusnetzky at ZDnet discussed Intel’s concept of IDV, which is based on three principles: centralized management with local execution, layered images delivered intelligently, and device-native management. Spankmeister at Spiceworks discussed his own experience and conclusions about using VDI. And finally, Ken Hess, also at ZDNet, talks about having a change of heart about VDI—he went from being strongly against it to becoming a fan of certain types of desktop infrastructure implementations.

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