Secure, Scalable, Interoperable

The Intel® IoT Platform is an end-to-end reference model and family of products from Intel, that works with third party solutions to provide a foundation for seamlessly and securely connecting devices, delivering trusted data to the cloud, and delivering value through analytics.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enormous potential to drive economic value and social change. But with 85% of things still unconnected and security threats pervasive, the industry has yet to tap IoT’s enormous potential.

The Intel® IoT Platform breaks down these obstacles. It provides an end-to-end platform for connecting the unconnected—allowing data from billions of devices, sensors, and databases to be securely gathered, exchanged, stored, and analyzed across multiple industries.

Key Benefits

  • Security: Deliver trusted data with a tight integration of hardware- and software-based security that starts where data is most resilient to attack. 
  • Interoperability: Utilize technologies that seamlessly communicate to one another, help accelerate time to market, and reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining IoT solutions.
  • Scalability: Achieve scalable compute from edge to cloud with processors from Intel® Quark™ to Intel® Xeon® and Intel®-based devices, gateways, and datacenter solutions.
  • Manageability: Get advanced data management and analytics from sensor to datacenter.

The Intel IoT Platform helps deliver innovations to market faster, reducing solution complexity, and delivering actionable intelligence by offering a defined, repeatable foundation for how devices will connect and deliver trusted data to the cloud. And it allows OEMs, SIs, and vertical industries to develop and deploy solutions using building blocks on the Intel IoT Platform.

These solutions help provide a repeatable foundation for the Internet of Things and free up developers' time to focus on building solutions that expertly address specific customer pain points.

With the Intel IoT Platform, Intel helps IoT innovations get to market faster and allows IoT to reach its full potential worldwide.

Intel® IoT Platform

Intel® IoT Platform Chalk Talk

Intel® IoT Platform Chalk Talk

Watch as Brian McCarson, Senior Principal Engineer from Intel’s Internet of Things Group, gives us a whiteboard break down of the Intel® IoT Platform. From sensors and gateways, through networks, datacenters, and analytics, he explains how Intel keeps data secure from edge to cloud.

Watch the video (13:25)

IoT Ecosystem Graphic

Transition to IoT or move your existing IoT network forward with effective, standards-based, end-to-end solutions from the edge to the cloud.

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Reference Architecture

Intel and its ecosystems partners defined a system architecture for connecting nearly any type of device to the cloud. This paper is intended to help developers, OEMs, ISVs, and CSPs develop and deploy IoT solutions.

Read the white paper

Solution Brief

The Intel® IoT Platform provides a solution for connecting devices, delivering data to the cloud, and delivering value with security, interoperability, scalability, manageability, and analytics.

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Intel® IoT Platform Infographic

The Intel® IoT Platform identifies the key components of an IoT solution, how they work together, and where essential capabilities—such as security and analytics—happen.

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Intel® IoT Platform Animation

Watch how data from sensors and devices can be used to provide intelligence from the edge to the cloud, and becomes actionable insight as it progresses through the Intel® IoT Platform.

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IoT Insights 2014

Intel discloses its latest Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Watch key IoT leaders from across Intel discuss the latest strategy, products, and deployments that will provide the foundation for IoT.

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Intel Unifies and Simplifies Connectivity, Security for IoT

Intel announces the Intel IoT Platform, an end-to-end reference model designed to unify and simplify connectivity and security for the IoT.

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Platform Roadmap

Intel is delivering a roadmap of integrated hardware and software products to support the Intel IoT Platform. 

Spanning from edge devices out to the cloud, the roadmap includes API management and service creation software, edge-to-cloud connectivity and analytics, intelligent gateways, and a full line of scalable IA processors. Security is fundamental to the roadmap with both dedicated security products, as well as security features that are embedded into hardware and software products. 

Intel is evolving and optimizing this product roadmap to work seamlessly together with building blocks from the ecosystem to address the key challenges solution providers are facing when implementing IoT including interoperability, security, and connectivity.

How to Get Started

Application developers: Intel has a wide range of IoT developer kits to get started with. The Intel® IoT Developer Kits based on Intel® Galileo and Intel® Edison technology provide a great entry point for makers and innovators. 

Commercial and professional developers: The Intel® IoT Gateway DK family provides a robust suite of manageability, connectivity, and security software.

ODMs and OEMs: Contact your local sales representatives for information to adopt and deploy products and technologies from Intel, Wind River, McAfee, and Mashery. 

End users and enterprises: Start discussions with both Intel and our system integration ecosystem through companies like Accenture, Booz Allen, Capgemini, Dell, HCI, NTT, and TCS.


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